Keith Martin-Smith is a 4th generation White Tiger master. 

I started studying Shaolin and Northern Kung Fu and Qi Gong in 1993, and am deeply honored to be the only lineage holder of Da SiFu Jong Hoon Jeon

I became a formal disciple of Master Jeon in 2001, meaning I agreed to be trained in the demanding and traditional manner reserved for the most serious of students.  In 2002 I was awarded the title of instructor and permitted to teach on my own, and in 2004 elevated to senior instructor.

I co-ran Master Jeon’s Philadelphia school from 2002-2005, leading 9 classes a week. In 2008 I was elevated by Master Jeon to a junior master, and in 2014 to a 4th generation White Tiger master. 

This practice has been a cornerstone of my life, providing the experience of an embodied discipline that has helped me achieve other difficult goals. I have an intentionally small school in Boulder, Colorado, with about a dozen dedicated students.