Keith Martin-Smith is an award-winning author and strategic consultant. 

We live through our stories. It’s stories and the emotions they bring that turn readers into customers and clients, and enroll others to sing the story of us. Ask Elon Musk. Ask Apple. Ask Oprah.

A good story inspires and sells, no matter is it’s a startup tech company, a novel, a Cassini Ava dinner plate, or you. Your business is built on passion, and that passion is uniquely yours.

I create the stories that power elite companies, forward-thinking individuals, ground-shaking entrepreneurs, and rapidly-expanding businesses.

Storytelling is something I've been doing for most of my life. I have written three books; two non-fiction, and one fiction.  Writing is what I love the most and what I do the best. 

“WishGarden Herbs hired Keith as a consultant. He approached the work as if he were a member of the team. 9 months later, our website has seen a 600% increase in visitors and transactions – and much of the credit can go to him.”
— Mark Schroeder, Chief Digital Officer, WishGarden Herbs