Treat Your Creativity Like a Blue-Collar Job

I can’t do it.  The cup of coffee steams on my desk. My new office has hardwood floors and magnificent views of the mountains, which are bathed in the morning sunshine. But I’m darkly staring at my computer. It’s Monday morning, and I’m already chewing on my lip. My to do list for the week involves four[...] Continue Reading
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The Marketing Message Right Under Your Nose

Matt Dillon’s character in the movie Something About Mary is a fantastic example of inauthenticity. He lies, cheats, and manipulates every step of the way to get what he wants — namely, Cameron Diaz (Mary). Manipulation used to be the name of the marketing game as well. You know, Mad Men style. You did whatever it took to get someone[...] Continue Reading
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Chapter 1: The Heart of Zen

This is the complete first chapter of my just-released 3rd book, The Heart of Zen.   Mondo Zen, Jun Po Roshi’s unique contribution to the body of Zen, aims to combine the best of Zen’s meditative insight with philosophical reorientation and cutting-edge emotional intelligence.  
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Chapter 3: The Heart of Zen

This is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of my just-released 3rd book, The Heart of Zen.   Question: Does anyone ever completely overcome the ego? The Buddha did, right? Jun Po Roshi: The ego insists on its view.  It does not want to change; it will not be successfully bullied, overpowered, or fought.  Who, exactly, will[...] Continue Reading
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Keith Martin-Smith is an author of fiction, non-fiction, and an award-winning memoir. He also acts as a coach, helping his clients become better leaders, more creative thinkers, and more effective in life.

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