Self Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing

As a writer the bottom line is simple: you want to get your books in front of as many readers as possible.  This article is about how you can do that.

There is a lot of talk these days about self-publication, traditional publishing, the fate of bookstores, and digital versus books. We’ll take a detailed look at the industry, so you can make the best decision for your book.

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Chapter 1: The Heart of Zen

This is the complete first chapter of my just-released 4th book, The Heart of Zen.  

Mondo Zen, Jun Po Roshi’s unique contribution to the body of Zen, aims to combine the best of Zen’s meditative insight with philosophical reorientation and cutting-edge emotional intelligence.  

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First Excerpt: Only Everything

This is the opening of the new novel, Only Everythingwhich is currently being written. 

The East Village in those days was like a geologic phenomenon, where two great pressure plates were converging into a single stress fracture known as Avenue A. Logan was standing on the stoop of his apartment building, two blocks west of the housing projects of Alphabet City, on the bleeding edge of gentrification. His 200-square-foot apartment had taken him three months to find and was at least a third more than he could afford, but was in Manhattan, and all his own.

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90-day Writing Challenge: An Update

On the beginning of the Winter Solstice, I started a new approach to how I write creatively and how I write for my clients. The idea was simple enough: 90-days to try something new, and see what happened. (more on this here)

The question I’ve been getting, and that you may be curious about yourself, is: “How’s it going??”

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So You Want to Be a Writer?

So You Want to Be a Writer?
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