If we can't sit still for 30 minutes a day without being in mental or physical distress, what does this say about our state of mind?

Jun Po Roshi at Dai Bosatsu monastery in 2015. 

Jun Po Roshi at Dai Bosatsu monastery in 2015. 

I work with a handful of people each year, carefully curated to ensure the likelihood of an effective collaboration. The topics vary, and have included executive business consulting, book coaching, creativity excellerators, mental discipline, business visioning, overcoming specific obstacles, creating and sustaining an effective meditation practice, and other topics.

If you're in or around Boulder, Colorado, we meet in person. Otherwise, meetings are by phone, Skype, or Zoom and include ample homework, email support, and a results-oriented focus. 

I also take interested parties through the Mondo Zen™ process, a 2-hour deep dive into insight and emotional intelligence. 


“Keith is as good as a business executive coach as any, but what allows him to stand apart is his capacity to teach and transmit Buddhist insights through his business coaching. He floats fluently between constructive analysis of your work, and your more spiritual and psychological personality traits that are at play. With the perfect balance of holding to the agenda and creating the space for what arises, you know that each hour with him will bring you huge leaps forward. He cuts through the nonsense to target precisely what’s holding you back in your work, and in your personal life.”
– Katherine Armstrong, CEO, OM Collection 


“I’m a mature coach and consultant myself, and have studied with some of the very best and brightest anywhere. Keith Martin-Smith brings a completely unique intensity and insight to his work and sessions.

He is willing to be brutally honest with me when necessary, but also helped me move through to the next level ofinsight, accountability, and action for my venture (and life).

Quite simply, he was able to do more in less time than many therapists, coaches, and other professionals who have come in and out of my life over the last 25 years in this field. I don’t know if it’s because of his martial arts and Zen background or his marketing and publishing experience, but whatever it is, it works!”
— Bill Brakemeier, Teacher & Certified Senior Facilitator Demartini Method at Demartini


“Keith’s in-depth understanding of human development and the human mind has really helped us cut quickly to key areas that are holding me back.

His samurai sword of clarity and compassion helps me feel safe in our sessions, while his finely calibrated bullshit detector deftly uncovers where I’m fooling myself.”
– Mark Bloomfield, CEO, Sustainably Built



"It allowed me to deepen my practice while seeing such more more of myself and my own patterning. It was hugely valuable!" Joel Longtine, Senior Software Engineer, RxReview  




"This is desiged for people who would like to build a foundation for their meditation practice, especially people who don't think they have the time to sit.  I've learned to slow everything down, and appreciate how I can choose to respond to situations, rather than reacting." Jon Brandon, CEO Foria Wellness



"I have a much greater capacity to welcome a variety of experiences throughout my life, and the confidence to continue a sitting practice. This is the real deal. It gets it done.  Quit f@#king around and sign up." Josh Zemel, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant at Level7 Leadership