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My clients are resourceful, which means I only need to support them in the places that matter most.

I help in two broad ways: 

One is helping entrepreneurs and companies learn cutting-edge content strategy. This is critical to reaching your target audience in ways that move them. My Content Strategist is a consultant package (below) designed to help clients get clear on their brand story, their audience, and how their online presence is going to help meet their business goals.   

Two is as an executive coach, helping high-performing clients define/clarify goals, identify fears and competing commitments, and create a pathway to getting unstuck for good. The Motivator (below) is a coaching package for people who have set clear goals in business and in life, but seem to be unable to meet them fully (which all of us have experienced!).


This is outward-facing, drawing on my two decades in advertising and marketing, focusing on brand creation, development, and deployment. 

We live through our stories. It’s stories and the emotions they bring that lead to loyal customers and clients willing to shout our praises. Ask Mercedes. Ask Apple. Ask Oprah. 

Every business, entrepreneur, and visionary needs to tell their story in words that define their market, capture their audience, and convert people into inspired customers or clients.

We’ll explore...
•  Who your audience is
•  What their needs are
•  What their pain points are
•  How you can speak directly to them
•  What is your offer or services 
•  What makes you and your offering unique
•  How you can create a 1-2-3 system for implementing your new brand.

What we'll cover...
•  Pre-production: research, interviews, competitive analysis, user analysis 
•  Editorial strategy: voice/style/brand, content plan 
•  Management: site navigation, content migration, content flow 
•  Production: content creation, taglines, delivery, marketing plan and implementation  
•  Post-production: tracking, adjusting, editing    

You'll help to create a Content Outline for your website, one that will include: 
1. Audience metrics 
2. Brand outline 
3. Sample content
4. Site goals and objectives 
5. Site navigation
6. Callouts, mailing list, and other goodies 
7. Homepage 
8. Overall marketing strategy 

Why will you help to create this, instead of me doing it for you? Because what you'll learn about yourself, your brand, and your business will make everything else you do much more efficient, easy, and cost-effective.

This will help you to better communications with your audience by creating a powerful, focused, and cost-effective website (some outsourcing for design and development may be required after this step).   

Your brand is the story of your business, the promise to your customers. Let's make sure it's a compelling one. 

“WishGarden Herbs hired Keith as a consultant for our new website. Keith approached the work as if he were a member of the team. 9 months later, our website has seen a 600% increase in visitors and transactions – and much of the credit can go to him. He was a consummate professional in all his aspects of his work and comportment and I am thrilled to give him my highest recommendation.” -- Mark Schroeder, Chief Digital Officer, WishGarden Herbs 

The Motivator 

This focuses on the places where we need not just new skills, but new ways of seeing old problems. 

We'll use the proven Immunity to Change™ process, developed by Harvard psychologists Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. This is an adaptive solution that transcends just learning a new skill or technology (like marketing, branding, or content creation). This will allow you to transform your mindset by viewing your current problem from a new perspective. 

“The biggest error leaders make is applying technical solutions to adaptive challenges…” 
Ronald Heifetz, Harvard Kennedy School 

We'll explore:
•  What you’re really wanting beyond your goal, that's deeper than what you've identified 
•  The mental model that is holding your prisoner right where you are
•  The gap seeing what you want, and the ability to get it 
•  What unseen Big Assumptions are actually working directly against what you say want
•  A path through your resistance that will be (surprisingly simple and powerfully effective) 

What You'll Get: 
A simple, single-sheet roadmap summarizing your goal, and where and why it's not happening
• The fears that achieving this goal might bring up for you 
• A systematic approach to understanding how these fears can create competing commitments working against you stated goal (for instance, you want to go to the gym but are committed to not feeling disappointed if you fail to go) 
• The assumptions driving your fear and competing commitments
• A path through this so you can resolved the obstacles really in the way of your goal (hint: they're mostly internal and adaptive, not external and technical). 

“I’m a mature coach and consultant myself, and have studied with some of the very best and brightest anywhere. Keith brought a completely unique intensity and insight to our work and sessions. He was willing to be brutally honest, and helped me move through to the next level of insight, accountability, and action for my venture (and life).” Bill Brakemeier, Executive Coach and Business Strategist