The Man Who Stood in the Corner

People know me these days as a pretty outgoing guy who enjoys parties, has given more than a few public readings of his books, and recently split his pants dancing at a friend’s wedding. I have a successful executive coaching and strategic consulting business that regularly has me putting myself out there in dozens of ways every month, from webinars to chatting with strangers.

But things weren’t always this way. In fact, I used to be a different person.

I was the guy at the party trying to look comfortable standing in a corner by himself — you know, the one who inexplicably didn’t talk to anyone, but didn’t just go home either. The guy who, if he did find someone to talk to, would cling to them like a life raft.  The guy who was so terrified of women he hardly noticed them — and if they paid him any attention whatsoever, nearly crapped his pants.

Yeah, I was that guy.

In the fall of 2008, in a dark alleyway in downtown Denver, my life would change forever. 

The full story is over on the Good Men Project's website

Keith Martin-Smith is an award-winning author, content strategist, and Zen priest. He is passionate about human connection, creativity, and evolution.