Corporations, Startups, and Small Businesses


Job: A story of what happens once we move into a more inclusive workplace, and new problems arise.

The Story We Created: ”Move beyond Power, Politics, and Political Correctness.”

This tagline, developed by me, orients users to how this material can help companies and universities place their inclusivity and anti-bias trainings into a larger and more effective context.

“We can better understand how inclusivity brings us together by understanding the places it can drive us apart.”

I created all the content, taglines, and ran and dynamically adjusted a Facebook ad campaign to drive people to the site. Also created all content for reaching out directly to human resource directors and Linkedin connections, a tear sheet, and other materials to help with the sales funnel.

Caneel Joyce

Job: A CEO and executive coach who works with some of the hottest startups and tech companies needed a new online presence.   

The Story We Created: “Move forward fearlessly.”
We designed a webpage where Caneel was the very thing she was offering to her clients: confident, open, effective, and fearless.

I created all content, navigation, callouts, and email communications, as well as helping to manage design and development.  Site content and navigation, email streams for existing lists to opt-in, welcome emails, art direction, and project management. 

Awakening the Body 

Job: Create all original content and information flow for this online course, to better be "outward-facing." In other words, create a sales page for those who don't know the larger work of the Buddhist organization Dharma Ocean or its founder, Dr. Reggie Ray. 

The Story We Created: “Our body is the most direct and perfect path to profound spiritual transformation.”

Responsibilities: Create all content in a Google doc, including headers and bulleted lists. Work with development team for branding across images and fonts, and help with all testing of the page. 


Job: This startup tech company is looking to be David in the David and Goliath battle against a competitor 20x their size, in the niche field of corporate compliance. They needed to present a fresh and intriguing face to their conservative audience, while bringing their content marketing to the forefront.

The Story We Created: “Inspire and support your employees’ good behavior.” (The dominant story in this field is prevent bad employees from doing bad things.)

Responsibilities: Complete site rewrite, streamlined navigation, creation of 20+ blogs to create content marketing momentum, blog subscription strategy and implementation, social media content and strategy, creation of 6,000-word white paper as part of a lead generation campaign, print materials, and much more.

* Reader's Choice Award 2016, JD Supra -- My blogs from Convercent were republished by JD Supra. I was one of 200 writers recognized from among more than 34,000 with this honor. 

Some of the work. Blogs: How to Be Heard, 5 Do's and Don'ts When Presenting to a Board, The Power of Story, The Carrot or the Stick, Myth-Busting, Reading Minds, 5 Unintended Consequences of Growth-Minded Companies.

A 6,000-word white paper. Convercent product page.


Job: Just because you're a non-profit doesn't mean you can't be highly profitable. Responsible for all branding, communications, content development, vendor management, content calendar creation and implementation, SEO tracking, Mail list management and growth, Facebook advertising, social media outreach, growing email list, filling upcoming events and programs both online and in-person.  

The Story We Created: “Discover deep wisdom and supportive community in an online world.”

Growth: Over 3 years, I significantly grew their email list (50%), social media visibility (45%), website traffic (35%), and user engagement (22%), as measured in the monthly metric reports, and helped to increase the overall attendance of both live and online programs.

Performance Tea

Job: This startup energy drink company needed content that would set them apart, since their product was a way to use highly curated teas to power cutting-edge athletes, leaders, and driven humans of all persuasions. Handled all content creation, navigation, taglines, email communications strategy, plus a Facebook advertising campaign.

The Story We Created: Natural fuel for evolved athletes.

Responsibilities: Creating all site content and navigation, and also create the email streams that new users receive when they sign up to receive these teas. 

Pacific Integral 

Job: I was hired to drive people from Facebook to signup for a free, online talk as part of a larger marketing plan. Wrote, targeted, dynamically adjusted, and posted Facebook ads to drive to Pacific Integral's Speaker Series, 3 talks around a variety of topics. 

The Story We Created: Harness your untapped potential.

Responsibilities: Content development, targeting metrics, dynamically adjusting ads to increase engagement rates, photo selection, different content and photos for different demographics.

Drove in excess of 10,000 unique users to the landing page. 


Job: You have a cutting-edge helmet technology that is going to revolutionize contact sports, motorcycling, and cycling. What do you need? Celebrity endorsement: check. Next up…investors. My job was to create content that speaks to investors, distributors, and the public — all at once — threading the needle between technical data, mind-blowing benefits, and inspired content.

The Story We Created: “Eliminating traumatic brain injuries without eliminating sports.”

Responsibilities: All content, clever headlines through the site, research, and interviews.


Job: You’re a Boston-based, car detailing business that uses Ph-balanced, triple-filtered water to wash cars (just to start), and offers boutique services for autos that belong in museums. This is not your corner car wash. So how do you stand out? Powerful copy, striking visuals, a new company name, and targeted marketing are a good start for this initial teaser webpage.

The Story We Created: “We clean your car on a microscopic scale.”

Responsibilities: Interviewing owner to understand company and target demographic; specific and powerful homepage content, navigation, and all content — including those eye-catching sliders.


Job: Writing B-to-B copy for one of the biggest and best creators of content in the world means it has to be flat-out perfect.

Responsibilities: Copywriter & researcher — original content for the NYT’s Syndicate’s business-to-business print brochure, to be passed out from their trade show booth to potential corporate clients looking to buy their content. This writing had to reflect the style and excellence of the Times, its branding, and consider space and design limitations.


Job: This very successful, New York-based IT company needed to rewrite and update all of its content. I created case studies, callouts, headlines, a story flow, and all content for the site. 

Responsibilities: All new content, research, navigation suggestions, competitive review, and line editing. 


The Art and business of teaching yoga 

Job: An internationally-renowned yoga teacher wanted help creating a book proposal to get her first book idea published. 

Responsibilities: Creating and submitting an exhaustively researched and highly detailed book proposal to a few publishers. She and her co-author were ultimately given a strong contract and advance from New World Library. 


Job: A development project is on the line, for an 8-figure redevelopment plan that wants to turn Cleveland, Ohio into “the next French Riviera”.

Responsibilities: Create a compelling story as original and inspiring as the idea and the designs themselves.


Job: Work for Veterans. Need I say more? Okay… maybe a little more. The job was to research and write seven 750-1,000 word blogs for this company that helps US veterans transition from the military to civilian life. They included a dozen blogs such as:

How to Dress for an Interview
Get More Out of Your Networking Opportunities

Responsibilities: Research, content creation, writing with a bit of an edge for an audience that is out of the professional loop, or was never in it.


Job: Having great products that change lives is great. Selling those products? Even better.

Responsibilities: I wrote all original Web content for this retail company based out of Boulder, CO. This led to a 600% increase in their online revenue. All writing had to be FDA compliant (specific in wording around health claims) and have intelligent SEO.



Job: Creating content that appeals to the public AND to dentists? Yup — that is a challenge.

Responsibilities: I helped identify the client base, create original content, and organize information architecture to get people where they needed to be.


Job: How to you make a disaster restoration company sexy? You don’t, because disaster restoration isn’t. But it is necessary and it is very big business.

I helped these guys show they’re the best at what they do. Completely rewrote this disaster restoration company’s website, with an eye on SEO and on personalization.

Responsibilities: Getting to know a business about which I know little, and then finding the personality and the flare to make it stand far and away from its competitors.


Job: Aveeno didn’t have a website until 2003, if you can believe that. I wrote all its content, and my skin? It never felt smoother.

Responsibilities: Wrote all website content based on Aveeno’s ample print materials, which included hundreds of products, to be better suited to the Web.


Job: Research, original content creation for Web, offline marketing, & internal branding.

Responsibilities: Ongoing consultation in helping this Boston-based branding agency creating high-level branding studies for Fortune-500 companies. This includes research, client calls and information gathering, creation of “heritage stories” and taglines for companies, strategy, content development, and much more. 

Human Development & Spirituality 

mind time

Job: Just because you’re a brilliant academic doesn’t mean you need to sound like one. When you’re a genius, it’s especially important to make sure your message is being translated into a language your audience can hear.

Responsibilities: Came up with John’s tagline, This is John Furey. He thinks about thinking. Wrote John’s bio, created content strategy, and helped massage existing content into a more user-friendly tone and presentation.

ken wilber

Job: Speaking of geniuses… this was to help translate Ken’s unique genius into numerous for-profit entities.

Responsibilities: Managing and integrating all design, web/technology, communications, and marketing for a membership-based business. Integral Life, Ken's business, had a fractured brand, chaotic communications, and dysfunctional internal processes. I created a single dynamic brand department with an organized communications process.