It was one of the most painful moments of my life.

This is how being "stuck" feels to me. 

This is how being "stuck" feels to me. 

I’d finally gotten published, after a decade of effort, and my collection of short stories had been released to the public. Four months later, I slammed my laptop’s screen down.
It was late spring and I was living in a converted barn, where my desk overlooked the downward green slope of grass of a 40-acre horse farm, with the snow-capped Rockies in the distance. It was beautiful, but all I saw was the closed computer. 
I was stuck. I’d never been stuck before in my life – at least not with writing. It had always come to me easily and naturally, but no more. Months had passed, and nothing had changed. Was I the literary equivalent of a one-hit wonder?
I sought help from a mentor, and he said the words that changed everything: What it took to get published isn’t what it’s going to take to move forward. It’s time to look at your work with entirely new eyes. I did, and within a few days words were spilling into my computer once again. 
When we get stuck, it can make us doubt the path, question ourselves, or most dangerously, turn back before we’ve finished our journey.
In the last six months, I’ve worked with over a dozen people — helping them move through the places they’re stuck and into the next great chapter of their lives.

Past clients have …

  • Created a web presence that reflects them and their strengths, speaks to their audience, and makes them money (put the client’s needs first)
  • Become better leaders and visionaries by dropping the outdated idea that got them where they are (because visionaries aren’t worker bees)
  • Created better boundaries between work and life so they can bring their best to both (poor boundaries will always mean poorer performance)
  • Understood their real gifts and then put them to use (not always what they thought they were)
  • Turned their most critical internal voices into their biggest champions (because those voices had more wisdom then they could have imagined)  
  • Uncovered their natural motivation (so there is almost limitless energy to push through to the next thing)  
  • Defined how they will know when they’ve been successful (because seeing and celebrating wins is as important as defining goals) 

The Beauty of Being Stuck  

I’ve shared quite a bit in the last few weeks about my own strugglestriumphs, insights, and (very) humbling experiences. My life hasn’t always been easy, and I’ve been stuck as much as just about anyone.
Like you, I had the dream of being more than I was, and set out to achieve some pretty difficult things.

The Truth of Some of my “Wins”  

==> I’m now an award-winning author with three books in print, and another on the way.
(But this took ten years and three-hundred rejections.)
==> I’m running a successful business that harnesses all of my skills into a single place.
(But this took turning my back on what I’d done professionally for almost 20 years.)
==> My Shaolin Kung Fu teacher, Master Jong Joon Heon, elevated me to a master in November 2014 — the first and only student of his to achieve this.
(But this took getting thrown out of his school at the height of my training.)
==> I’ve been ordained a Zen priest and authorized to teach Mondo Zen, which Ken Wilber said, “…[is] highly recommended for the accelerated effect it has on growth and development."
(But this took surrendering to the wisdom and the power of a teacher, and a lineage.)  

I share this for four reasons:

  1. I know what it’s like to have big dreams … and hit even bigger obstacles on the path to realizing them.
  2. I know what it feels like to get stuck in life, business, and inside your own ambition.  
  3. I can move you from where you are to where you want to be — without wasting months or years spinning your wheels or heading in the wrong direction.  
  4. These are tools I’ve used in my own life, and in the lives of my clients. They work. They’re powerful. And they’re simple.

Your Invitation  

There are two opportunities here.

  1. For people starting new businesses, or wanting to grow their existing with more precision 
  2. For those with established businesses or incomes, who are looking get unstuck, create real momentum, clarify and reach (stubborn) goals, or otherwise move more fully into their lives and careers. 

#1: Web Clarity Package

For people starting new businesses or wanting to grow their existing ones into new territories. 
Over 4, one-hour meetings your brand will be brought to life. We’ll define:

  • Who your audience is

  • What their needs are

  • What their pain points are
  • How you can speak directly to them
  • What your offer is
  • What makes you and that offer unique
  • How you can create a 1-2-3 system for implementing your new brand.
  • A pre-session Business Website Clarity Questionnaire to ask you the kinds of questions necessary to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your website
  • Establish the parameters of your business’ online presence — brand, audience, messaging, technical platform, mailing list growth, etc.


  1. I’ll write up your document – a Website Clarity Document  — showing you how get your website organized in a way that will generate interest, user action, and an audience
  2. I will refine and clarify this Website Clarity Document and send it back to you, with corrections and updates  
  3. Follow up support for 1-week via email, where you can ask my questions about anything that comes up as you implement your action plan.
  4. Additional, half-hour call two weeks after our work has ended to help you to course correct, answer questions, and ensure you’re where you want to be. 

These expire on March 30th, or after 10 people sign up. 

“When I called Keith I was discouraged and uncertain if anyone would ever be able to help translate the abstract and theoretical vision of The Life Chart in a comprehendible way. I wanted it to touch real people in the real world. I almost gave up on finding a way to communicate my message to the world; now I have a website and content I’m proud to share.” — Bill Wilder, Creator of The Life Chart


#2: Motivation Clarity Session

For professionals looking to make definitive movement towards a life goal, such as trusting one’s decisions, implementing an action plan already created, making art or more money, finding more satisfaction, or most other places where there is will, but no momentum.   
Over 4, one-hour meetings your brand will be brought to life. We’ll define:

  • A pre-session Goal Clarity Questionnaire to learn more about your goal, and why you’re stuck in achieving it
  • What you’re really wanting
  • Why it’s important to you
  • How you can integrate it into your life and business 
  • Where your natural motivation lies 
  • How to tap that motivation fully (and eventually, effortlessly)
  • Your personalized path to getting what you want 
  • How you'll know when you get it, what it is you really got, and what you'll do next  
  • A take-away document illustrating your goal, how you are supporting it and are not supporting it; your competing commitments to your goal, and the assumptions that are keeping you stuck.  
  • Steps you can take to address the real obstacles in your path 


  1. I’ll write up your document – a Goal Clarity Document  — showing you precisely where you’re stuck.
  2. I will refine and clarify your Goal Clarity Questionnaire by incorporating your feedback, thoughts, and roadmaps for moving forward   
  3. Follow up email support for 1 week after our time ends, where you can ask my questions about anything that came up in our session
  4. Additional, half-hour call two weeks after our work has ended to help you to course correct, answer questions, and ensure you’re where you want to be.

These expire on March 30th, or after 10 people sign up. 

“What allows Keith to stand apart is he floats fluently between constructive analysis of your work, and your more spiritual and psychological personality traits that are at play. With the perfect balance of holding to the agenda and creating the space for what arises, you know that each hour with him will bring you huge leaps forward.” — Katherine Armstrong,. Founder and Owner of The OM Collection


How It Works:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions, designed to give you concrete, definitive movement towards getting what you want.
  • Each one-hour call we have is very intimate and personal, and I make sure that we clearly define your needs and goals, and then set about meeting them one-by-one.

Video: What is a "Psychic Immune System", why do all human being have one, and how does it get in the way of our reaching goals?

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Getting stuck is almost always the first major step to getting what we're going after -- if we get the support we need.  

If you know what you want then never turn back, but don't spend months or years banging into the same wall (like I have). With a little help, your life can be everything you knew it could be.