I work in two ways: Content Strategy Consulting, for those looking to strengthen their brand though their content, develop their marketing strategy, better reach their audience, and get a better ROI from their branding presence. 

Executive Coaching is for company leaders, entrepreneurs, and other high-functioning professionals who are stuck moving towards a specific goal, such as growing a company, delegating better, or working better with work-life balance. Traditional support, consulting, and even coaching may have already been tried, and failed.


We'll need four, 1-hour sessions to leave you with a complete Content Outline, a comprehensive blueprint and roadmap that includes everything you need to build out your brand to capture clients, inspire an audience, and take your business to the next level. 

"It has been invaluable to have what I do and how I do it reflected back to me clearly and intelligently. Keith has helped me to reframe my skills and experience in a way that I never could have done on my own. Now I can communicate my value more effectively—which every business person knows is vital to success! 
Joelle Hann, The Book Doctor 

EXECUTIVE coaching  

This three-to-six month package will create your personalized Immunity to Change™ map, and the best path to walk through it to meet your stated goals. 

“Keith floats fluently between constructive analysis of your work, and your more psychological personality traits that are at play. With the perfect balance of holding to the agenda and creating the space for what arises, you know that each hour with him will bring you huge leaps forward."
– Katie Armstrong, Owner, OM Collection