We were told we could be anything we wanted if we just put our minds to it. That if we did what we loved, the money would follow.  
So what happened?

Only Everything was the name of my successful Kickstarter Campaign and was to be the name of my newest book. However, the novel has taken some twists and turns, as novels are wont to do, and the title has changed. 


Logan Downing is a Gen X writer who set out on the path of fame and fortune in New York City in 1995, in a city that was dirty and daring. We follow him through the sometimes dangerous and always dynamic streets of New York as an idealistic young man writing his first novel. Logan believes he can have it all — happiness, wealth, success — and that he only needs to work hard and have a little luck. And he succeeds, wildly, all while falling in love with his college sweetheart.  

Yet we encounter Logan living on the Front Range of Colorado in his early 40’s, in a different and dying relationship, working a job he hates, and battling alcoholism, insomnia, and despondency. He is writing about that magical time in New York as he slowly reveals what’s happened to him in the 20-odd years since. 

Logan is working for a tech startup and gives us a view into the tech culture taking over so much of the country. He sees greed and short-sightedness wrapped in a hipster culture and Millennial disdain.  He’s sarcastic and cynical, self-deprecating and funny, but his keen observations of himself and others can’t prevent the destruction of a life gone so far off course. 

Not a Company Man is an iconic, fast-reading, modern morality tale without the morality, one that covers art and ambition, intimacy and love, hopelessness and redemption, and the ruthlessness with which life can crush even the most beautiful of dreams.