Master Jong Hoon Jeon was trained in the rigid and uncompromising ways of the old world. He was instructed in intensive, free-hands sparing and taught ancient Kung Fu forms by Grandmaster Sung Ho Kim.

He also attained mastery of Qi Gong techniques that culminated in Iron Body testing (including driving an automobile over his stomach). In 1991 he completed the necessary studies and passed the required tests, and was awarded the title of "Master" at the incredibly young age of 29.

Master Jeon is a 3rd Generation White Tiger Master.

The original White Tiger Academy was founded in 1970 by Grandmaster Sung Ho Kim in Korea. At the time, the Chinese government was forcing the Cultural Revolution on the people of China, and had destroyed the venerated Shaolin Temple and imprisoned or exiled many of its monks. In the safety of Korea, Grandmaster Kim sought to keep alive and to pass on Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

Master Jeon teaches traditional Northern Style Kung Fu, including Northern Shaolin, Chin (Jin) Woo, Chen and Wu Styles Tai Chi Chuan, and Qi Gong. He focuses on traditional training, energy cultivation, perfection of forms, strength building, meditation, application, and intensive free-hand sparring. His deep knowledge of internal and external techniques sets him apart from many Western masters who have only learned the external components of Kung Fu.

Master Jeon is also an acupuncturist and a licensed herbalist. He currently lives with his wife and son in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.