If we can't sit still for 30 minutes a day without being in mental or physical distress, what does this say about our state of mind?


I work with a handful of people each year, carefully curated to ensure the likelihood of an effective collaboration. The topics vary, and have included executive business consulting, creativity accelerators, mental discipline, business visioning, overcoming specific obstacles, and other topics.

The methodology is simple enough: we’ll help you to create and sustain a foundational, daily meditation practice that is integrated with two other vital elements: emotional awareness and maturity, and somatic (body) practices. You’ll be taught the practices necessary to ground the body and the mind in a deeper, effortless, and always-arising awareness.

I recently (Feb 2019) led an intensive for an Embodiment for Business online retreat, where I took participants through an experiential offering on Meditation, Warriorship, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit. Video coming soon!

If you're in or around Boulder, Colorado, we meet in person. Otherwise, meetings are by phone or Zoom and include ample homework, email support, and a results-oriented focus.