Content Strategy and Creation 

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I create content and develop strategy for clients across a diverse spectrum. I have expertise in all facets of both B-to-B and B-to-C marketing and advertising, and have worked for some of the biggest and most forward-looking companies and ad agencies in the world.  

In addition to writing content, creating annual marketing calendars, and conceiving detailed marketing plans for each quarter, I also help my clients to get a better understanding of the following:

Google analytics

  • How many visitors are getting to your site? 

  • How are they reaching it? (Social media, organic search, ad words, referrals, etc.) 

  • Where are the hot spots on the website that are gaining the most eyes and longest duration engagements?

  • What is the conversation rate from those locations, ie, how are you measuring the conversion rate?

  • What is the google ad words strategy and how is it being used? 


  • What is the ad relevance score, by ad? 

  • Which kinds of ads the most successful? Why? 

  • Where are people being driven? Why?

  • What is the conversion rate? (how many clicks-per-ad run)? How does that compare with industry averages? 

Conversion Strategy

  • What is your email marketing strategy, and how effective have you been in growing the right kind of audience?

  • How is your list used as part of a broader marketing strategy?

Content strategy is critical to reaching your target audience in ways that move them.

Your brand is the story of your business and the promise to your customers. It needs to be a compelling one. But a great story that no one hears doesn't change lives, move product off shelves, inspire investors, motivate employees, or convert users into clients. 

I help my clients determine...
•  Who the audience is
•  What their needs are
•  What their pain points are
•  How to reach them
•  How to create and implement a system for monetizing an offering.

I help my clients through some or all of the following...
•  Pre-production: research, interviews, competitive analysis, user analysis
•  Editorial strategy: voice/style/brand, content plan
•  Management: site navigation, content migration, content flow
•  Production: content creation, taglines, delivery, marketing plan and implementation  
•  Marketing: Facebook and print ads, customer relationship management, squeeze pages
•  Post-production: tracking, adjusting, editing    

Content strategy ensures that your investment in your brand and your marketing has a strong return in increasing sales and increased loyalty. 

I help businesses and entrepreneurs tell their story in words that define their market, capture their audience, and convert readers into inspired customers or clients.

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“Keith not only knows how to make a long story short, he knows how to do so on time and on-brand. That said, find your own damn copywriter.  It took us years to find someone this good who isn’t a self-righteous prima donna.”
-- Mark Gallagher, CEO, BlackCoffee 


“When I called Keith I was discouraged and uncertain if anyone would ever be able to help translate the abstract and theoretical vision of The Life Chart in a comprehendible way. I wanted it to touch real people in the real world.

I needed someone who understood complex philosophical and psychological concepts yet could break down these concepts in a simple manner. Who could be the translator for this vision. Keith delivered a smooth sophisticated translation that has energized and encouraged me.

I almost gave up on finding a way to communicate my message to the world; now I have a website and content I’m proud to share.”
-- Bill Wilder, Creator of The Life Chart


“Keith’s gift is simple: he is a brilliant writer. He has the uncanny ability to write your your ideas quickly. He listens and with efficient speed makes word choices that make it only too clear why you hired him.

“He has also cultivated a spiritual and psychological depth that can help anyone — good writer, bad writer — get to their bottom line. He is a great guy to work with–no drama, no issues, on time and eloquent.”
-- Debra Silverman, clinical psychologist and internationally-renown astrologer


"Keith brought a level of subtlety to what we were trying to do. I love how he anticipated our needs – which weren’t overtly stated — and was able to address them fully.  I’m very pleased.”
- Cheri Daniels, Marketing Manager, The New York Times Syndicate


“Keith has an astute understanding of what is and what is not relevant to communicate. Effectiveefficient and thoroughlyprofessional. I would highly recommend him.”
John Furey, Creator of the MindTime Project. 


“WishGarden Herbs hired Keith as a consultant for our new website. Keith approached the work as if he were a member of the team.

"9 months later, our website has seen a 600% increase in visitors and transactions – and much of the credit can go to him. He was a consummate professional in all his aspects of his work and comportment and I am thrilled to give him my highest recommendation.”
-- Mark Schroeder, Chief Digital OfficerWishGarden Herbs


“Keith Martin-Smith is a writer of extraordinarily talent.  He can take deep and complex subjects and, somehow, make them seem eloquently simple.  He has the unique ability to tailor his writing in a way that enables specific groups to understand difficult subjects.”
-- Doshin Michael Nelson, Roshi and Founder of Integral Zen