If writing a book were easy, a lot more people would be authors.

It turns out that putting your life, your profession, or your particular genius onto a page isn’t as easy as just writing things down in an organized way.

I offer private, one-on-one sessions for those writers interested in getting more deeply into their work. I can also read existing manuscripts and provide feedback on ideas, clarity of execution, overall structure, and cohesiveness. Specific suggestions will be made about how the manuscript can be tightened.

I have worked with numerous best-selling authors and world-renown teachers, helping them to streamline ideas, create books from existing talks and courses, translate esoteric concepts on spirituality for a more mainstream audience, create book proposals, promote their work through social media and affiliate relationships, and use tested marketing practices to promote upcoming books and programs. 

Notable clients include:

  • Ken Wilber/Integral Institute (Integral Theory)

  • David Deida (Men's Work and Spirituality/Non-Duality)

  • Amy Ippoliti (Yoga)

  • Reggie Ray/Dharma Ocean (Vajrayana and Somatic Buddhism)

  • Debra Sliverman (Astrology and Clinical Psychology)

  • Junpo Denis Kelly Roshi/Mondo Zen (Zen and Emotional Maturity)

  • Doshin Roshi/Integral Zen (Non-Duality and Integral Theory)