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I have a passion for the untold stories that drive us, the things that push us to grow and question our world and ourselves. I remain deeply fascinated by the mysterious beauty of being in this world.

In addition to my own books, I've also edited and collaborated with teachers such as Ken Wilber, David Deida, Reggie Ray, and Junpo Denis Kelly Roshi. I have a deep knowledge and experience with Integral Theory and Evolutionary Psychology, Buddhism and Non-Dual teachings, and relational practices.

My latest work is Only Everything, a novel. It explores the challenge faced by those of us told we could 'be anything we want to be' if we 'just put our minds to it.' 

Beyond my own work I also offer book coaching, where I guide authors through some or all of the process of converting an idea into a successful finished book.

To round out the fact I spend so many hours sitting on my ass and typing into a computer, it's worth noting that I'm also a recognized master (私服) in Northern Kung Fu and an ordained Zen priest and sensei. Those curious about how those things all come together can read a recent interview of me. But just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I’m also fond of sleeping in and drinking ales, and have been known to take several uncalled for flights of fancy a day.

A Reading from my latest book:

  Doing a reading from "A Heart Blown Open" in Colorado.

Doing a reading from "A Heart Blown Open" in Colorado.