I have a passion for the untold stories that drive us, the things that push us to grow and question our world and ourselves. I remain deeply fascinated by the mysterious beauty of being in this world.

I’ve had three books published over the last 8 years. The Mysterious Divination of Tea Leaves, a collection of short stories, found a home with John Hunt Publishing in 2009 after many years of effort and many, many rejections. 

A Heart Blown Open (Divine Arts Media, 2012) was a nonfiction memoir of Zen master Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi, and won a Silver Medal for Excellence from the Nautilus Book Awards and was a finalist for Book of the Year from Foreword Reviews. We are currently in negiations for optioning its film rights. 

The Heart of Zen (North Atlantic Books, 2014) was the follow up, a lively Q&A with Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi on spirituality, emotional maturity, and what it really takes for Enlightenment.  

My latest work is Only Everything, a novel. It explores the challenge faced by those of us told we could 'be anything we want to be' if we 'just put our minds to it.' The book follows two brothers, one a fine artist and one a writer, in two different time periods: as young men starting out in the mid-90's, and as contemporary middle-aged men struggling to come to terms with the consequences of their choices (and it's more than a little autobiographical).

To round things out, I’m a recognized master (私服) in Northern Kung Fu and an ordained Zen priest and sensei. But just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I’m also fond of sleeping in and drinking ales, and have been known to take several uncalled for flights of fancy a day.

  Doing a reading from "A Heart Blown Open" in Colorado. 

Doing a reading from "A Heart Blown Open" in Colorado.