I’ve written a few works of fiction. In fact, three of my short stories are right on this website.
For me, there’s this great passion to tell the untold stories that drive us, the things that push us to grow and question our world and ourselves. I remain deeply fascinated by the mysterious beauty of being in this world.
I’ve also written two works of non-fiction, and one of them won a couple of awards. You can read excerpts from them, too.
I have a deep knowledge of a few esoteric fields of study — integral theory and (adult) developmental psychology — as well as Buddhism and nondual teachings.
Yet I’m no arm-chair philosopher or disembodied thinker, but more of a double-fisted intellectual who’s a recognized master (私服) in Northern Kung Fu and an ordained Zen priest and sensei. (Those curious about how those things all come together can read a recent interview of me.)
But just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I’m also fond of sleeping in and drinking ales, and have been known to take several uncalled for flights of fancy a day.
My latest book, Only Everything, is a novel that is, in the words of one reviewer, “…tragic, triumphant, and at times painfully self-disclosing. It knowingly and lovingly kicks the rust off long-forgotten passion and questions whose urgency we’d often rather forget: What makes art stay? Can love and art exist without each other? What’s worth risking for the life you’d die to live?” 
Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to reach out and say hi, or to find me on Facebook.

Trainings, Certifications, Awards

Award-Winning Author: 4 books, 2 fiction and 2 non-fiction. A Heart Blown Open won the Nautilus Award for Silver and was a finalist the Foreword Book-of-the-Year Awards

Kung Fu and Qi Gong Master: 3rd generation master (私服) and lineage holder with 25 years of training, in Northern Kung Fu, under Master Jong Hoon Jeon

Ordained Zen Priest and Sensei: Mondo Zen and Integral Zen

Certified Mondo Zen Facilitator: by Junpo Denis Kelly Roshi

Embodiment Teacher: nearly 15 years of teaching energy, intensity, posture, breath, and mindset

Jin Gui “Golden Shield” Qi Gong Practitioner: 4 years training and near completion of the 1st of 3 levels of mastery of this “hard” style of Qi Gong  

Authentic Relating and Men’s work: co-leading a men’s group for the last 11 years

Integral Coaching and Theory: highly versed in the theories of Ken Wilber and their application in day-to-day life

Applied Adult Developmental Psychology: versed in modalities such as Robert Kegan’s Minds at Work program

Neurolinguistic Programming: one-year training of intensive, weekly coaching under master coach Mark Michael Lewis 

Somatic-Based Meditation: trained in and worked deeply with Reggie Ray and Dharma Ocean around their somatic-based meditation instruction

Getting Things Done® Certification: Completed 8 hours of coaching on this productivity accelerator.

A Reading from ONLY EVERYTHING (july 2018):

Doing a reading from "A Heart Blown Open" in Colorado.

Doing a reading from "A Heart Blown Open" in Colorado.