Supercharge Your Practice
Transform Negative Emotions
Change Your World

Monday evenings, 7-9pm
April 20th   - June 15th
Boulder, CO 

Zen 60: 8 weeks to a stable, daily meditation practice and the transformation of negative emotions into spiritual insight. 

Ready to GET serious with meditation? 

Good, because this is Zen.

Keith with the first Zen 90 program participants.  

Keith with the first Zen 90 program participants.  

If you are ready to be held compassionately accountable to your desire to Awaken to a deeper truth, to stop buying into your ego drama, and to transform your life, this is for you.

You will commit to meditating for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week, using the Rinzai Zen method of concentration meditation (which you will be taught).

Chances are you're more than familiar with ideas of Enlightenment and spiritual Awakening. You may even have an occasional meditation practice, been on a retreat or two, done tons of yoga, and read more than your fair share of books on spirituality. You may even have had powerful and moving "spiritual" experiences. 

But creating and sustaining a meditation practice of your own has been a challenge.

Is This Program for You?

Only if you're ready to live in true freedom.  

Even for those of us who have managed to create a fairly steady practice, life still comes full-force, and the gulf between spiritual practice and everyday life can loom ever larger.

Jealousy, anger, difficult relationships, and deeply conditioned personal patterns can all overwhelm our innate intelligence. There is a deeper truth underneath your negative emotions and conditioned reactions, one you can learn to see so that you can choose your responses to life.

This program is for anyone ready to create and sustain an unshakable meditation practice, to transform every part of your life. With support, you will learn to not turn away from what your life is showing you, in this very moment.


Over eight weeks, we'll explore how to develop genuine spiritual insight through concentration meditation  We will talk about your emotional hurdles and your ideas (and traps) of ego, as well as what Awakening really is.

Our discussions and practice will be about creating lasting change, through the integration of spiritual insight into the flow and flux of everyday life.

Transform Emotional Drama & Self-Sabotage

This program offers a grounded and practical take on Enlightenment, emotional maturity, and the integration required to take one’s seat in true liberation. You will learn how to transform negative emotions (and the ego that holds them) as part of a more deeply integrated, lived spirituality.

You will learn to slow down your emotional reactivity to see what's really occurring when you experience destructive emotions, such as anger and shame, depression and anxiety, "numbing out" or getting violent, and other powerful emotions.

These emotions then become the very fuel for a deeper spiritual insight and integration.


Benefits of Zen60 

  • Overcome the hurdles in the way of a steady, daily meditation practice
  • Learn how to create the internal discipline to sit still in your meditation
  • The skills to not turn away from physicalemotional, or mental discomfort (in your meditation and your life)
  • The transformation of negative emotions into spiritual insight
  • The ability to stand firmly and compassionately in life’s full force
  • Seeing what your negative emotions and reactivity is really trying to show you 



Monday evenings, 7-9pm
April 20th   -June 15th
Boulder, CO 

Zen60 Course

You get 8 weeks of:
   * Support, online and in-person
   * Weekly, 2 hour classes every Monday 
   * Meditation instruction, support, and guidance 
   * Your specific questions addressed as they arise 
   * Help in finding and solving your personal, emotional koan 
   * A surprise guest 

Space is limited for a more intimate and transformative experience. 

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When & Where

The Integral Center, 2805 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304
(in the meditation room in the northwest corner of the building) 

Every Monday evening we’ll gather for two months. We'll have a 30-minute sit, followed by 1 -1/2 to 2 hours of group discussion. (Scroll to the end of this page for the full schedule.)

Starts: Monday, April 20th    

Time: 7pm-9:00pm 

Ends: Monday, June 15th 

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Introduction: April 6th  

  • Context and Container
  • Commitments for the Group
  • What is Concentration Practice?
  • Big Heart/ Big Mind/ Clear Deep Heart/Mind, explained and experienced

Week 1: Understanding the territory — the goalless goal of meditation  

  • Kensho vs. Samadhi (or Awakening Experiences versus Awakening)
  • Relating to ego on the spiritual path
  • Views of Enlightenment -- States of Consciousness explained
  • Problems and solutions on the path to Awakening

Week 2: Deepening Context, Deepening Practice

  • Deepening Concentration Practice
  • Common hurdles and their resolution
  • Strengthening your DAILY practice
  • Hurdles, tricks, and tips

Week 3: Emotions on the Path   

  • The truth of anger and shame, depression and anxiety, and other destructive emotions 
  • How emotional angst becomes spiritual liberation
  • Why spiritual practice embraces rather than runs from or denies intense emotions

Week 4: Emotions on the Path, Part II

  • What is shadow work?
  • Working within the box of ego
  • Waking Up outside of the box of ego
  • Doing shadow work in service of insight instead of service of ego

Week 5: Integrating Spiritual Practice and Emotional Maturity

  • Classic Koans and their meanings
  • Modern Koans through Mondo Zen
  • Finding your personal koan in your life

Week 6: Your Emotional Koan     

  • Deepening your personal koan
  • Finding choice in the reactivity of your life
  • Uncovering and acting from choice, compassion, and care

Week 6: What Does It Really Take? 

  • Sustaining practice in the mess and mire of life
  • Why insight fades and what to do about it

Week 7: Understanding Choice & Claiming Your View 

  • Integrating spiritual insight with emotional maturity 
  • Giving up the victim role in your life
  • Acting from your deepest care and compassion
  • Why radical choice is radical freedom
  • Claiming your view, taking your seat

Week 8:  Closing Circle: March 25th  

  • Final Thoughts and Practices
  • Closing Circle

Former participants' words 


"Do it to soften into who you really are, to learn, to enjoy, and to grow. It allowed me to deepen my practice while seeing such more more of myself and my own patterning. It was hugely valuable!" Joel Longtine 


"Whatever reasons you have for not coming are the same exact reasons for coming! Nothing is more important than Awake Being. I was able to develop an daily sit, moving INTO my hardest emotions instead of AWAY from them, which I thought meditation was 'really' about.  I'm calmer and more centered, and have a greater understanding of how my emotions play into my Awakening." Robert Bogatin 


"The money was a commitment, but more than worth it, and it was very reasonably priced. You feel welcomed by Keith/Kogen, and can be vulnerable with him and with this container. I learned to bring  a sense of being 'okay' into the midst of everything and anything in my life."  Marissa McKenzie Grasmick 



"This program is designed for people who would like to build a foundation for their meditation practice, especially people who don't think they have the time to sit.  I've learned to slow everything down, and appreciate how I can choose to respond to situations, rather than reacting." Jon Brandon


"The only thing I had to consider was the price.  I quickly overcame that hesitation, and it was more than worth it." Jordan Namlesneah 


"I have a much greater capacity to welcome a variety of experiences throughout my life, and the confidence to continue a sitting practice. This is the real deal. It gets it done.  Quit f@#king around and sign up." Josh Zemel 



"This program is hard, but you should give it a chance. It's absolutely worthwhile. I gained an increased sense off stability in life, an expanded capacity to feel, and more willingness to be with the great mystery of existence. Oh, and Keith/Kogen is reliable, kind-hearted, and supportive." Natasha Terry

"I now have regular meditation practice. The program was life-changing."  Ali Shanti 



Zen60 Cost

You get 60 days of:

  • Support, online and in-person  
  • Weekly, 2 hour classes
  • Meditation instruction, support, and guidance 
  • Your specific questions addressed as they arise 
  • Help in finding and solving your personal, emotional koan 
  • A surprise guest or two 

Space is very limited to maintain an intimate and transformative environment. 

Pay-in-Full: $297

Register & Pay

Refund Policy

This is a very limited space program. Because of this, if you cancel with 48 hours of the first class, there will be a $25 service fee. After Z60 starts there are no refunds for any reason, due to the intense nature of the practice. If you choose to leave, you will be supported in your choice, but your space cannot be replaced.