We were told we could be anything we wanted.
If we set our minds to it, the world would be ours.
To follow our bliss, and  the money would follow. 
So what happened?

Only Everything was the name of my successful Kickstarter Campaign and was to be the name of my newest book. However, the novel has taken some twists and turns of its own, as novels are wont to do, and the title has changed. 

Not a Company Man follows the same basic principle laid down in the the Only Everything Kickstarter campaign, but the story has been stripped down, simplified, and made darker and more personal. 

The theme is still the same: Many of us believe that we are destined to a life of greater purpose and deeper meaning.  After all, our parents and grandparents worked in order to give us a foundation to pursue a more authentic life.

We believe that we can have it all — happiness, wealth, success, security, spiritual insight, emotional stability, artistic creation, innovation, families, independence, love, and health.

We want to be the authors, artists, teachers of influence, leaders, filmmakers, and innovators of today, and of tomorrow. And so, we follow our bliss. Only the world isn’t cooperating.

This is our story.