We were told we could be anything we wanted if we just put our minds to it. That if we did what we loved, the money would follow.  
So what happened?

Only Everything was the name of my successful Kickstarter Campaign and was to be the name of my newest book. However, the novel has taken some twists and turns, as novels are wont to do, and the title has changed. 

It has become a different work than the original idea, and far darker than I intended to write. Yet it is an honest and real look inside the demons many creative souls face. 

Not a Company Man is an exploration of the idea we deserve to “have it all”, itself tied to that uniquely American belief that we can be anything we want to be.

What happens, however, when life refuses to comply? Not a Company Man is told from the perspective of a 40-something-year-old writer, Logan Downing. Logan is living in a dying relationship, working a job he hates, and battling alcoholism, insomnia, and despondency.

He begins writing about the 2 years he lived in New York City in the mid-1990’s as an idealistic young man. There, with an inspirational older brother who was pursuing a career as a fine artist, Logan set out on the writer's path full of the belief that he could have it all — happiness, wealth, success, independence, love. The contrast between his idealistic youth and his embittered middle age grows more intense as his contemporary relationship and career begin to actively disintegrate around him. 

Not a Company Man speaks for those who want (or wanted) to be the authors, fine artists, musicians, filmmakers, and innovators of tomorrow, and sacrifice to follow their bliss. Only the world isn't cooperating.