Writing is what I do the best and love the most.

A Heart Blown Open (Divine Arts Media, 2012), is the memoir of Junpo Denis Kelly Roshi, an American Zen Master.

Foreward Reviews on the book: "If Denis Kelly’s life was made into a novel, no one would believe it...Kelly crossed every inner river, climbed every emotional mountain, slayed every psychological dragon, to arrive at a place of peacefulness...

"Martin-Smith keeps Kelly’s story rolling on a fast track...the women, the violence, the good times, the regrets, the fear, and loathing, all are recounted. There is something in this book for everyone: spiritual seekers and unrepentant sinners alike will find Kelly’s ride hilarious, frustrating, poignant, and thoroughly human."  

* Winner, Silver Medal for Excellence, Nautilus Reviews
* Finalist, Book of the Year, IndieFab Awards  

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The Heart of Zen (North Atlantic Books, 2014) is a dialog between Zen master Junpo Denis Kelly Roshi and me.

While we are more and more familiar with popular ideas of enlightenment and spiritual awakening, life still comes at us full force, and hope can turn to frustration as the gulf between our spiritual belief and our everyday life seems to loom ever larger. Through spirited Q&A sessions with Zen master Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi, The Heart of Zen takes a gradual, step-by-step approach to what has become a vexing problem in spiritual circles. 

"This is one of the most important works on spiritual realization to be written in years. You can't afford to miss this revolutionary process for your own enlightenment."  Ken Wilber, author of Sex, Ecology, Spirituality  

The Mysterious Divination of Tea Leaves (John Hunt Publishing, 2009) my first published book, a collection of short stories that includes his personal favorite work, "Killing and Letting Die". 

"This is a profound and deeply felt collection of short stories, highly recommended for those who are looking for intelligence, insight, wit and wisdom. Especially in these days of postmodern flatness, art with depth is a rarity indeed. --Ken Wilber, author of The Integral Vision
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Only Everything is my 4th book and my first mature novel, and currently in-progress.

I created and ran a successful. $30K Kickstarter campaign in August 2013 to help fund the creation of the book, and my many (thankfully patient) fans and supporters are eager to see where this book goes. So am I.